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Check out Ann's article:
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Check out Ann's article:
"Your Personal Oracles are Hiding in Plain sight"

Check out Ann's article:
"Your Personal Oracles are Hiding in Plain Sight"

Check out Ann's article:
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what do you see? 

Welcome to online cloud gazing where you can discover hidden images in the clouds.


Cloud gaze on your own or share this site with friends. See how one image resonates so differently with each of us. If we look at someone else’s image and say, "That’s not what I see."

~ Bingo…that's it ~

"We experience life through our own movie camera." Each perspective is perfect and unique. When it comes to personal oracles there’s no one size fits all. We see what we need to see~ when we need to see it!

Tips for online cloud gazing

  • As you look at each photo, take a moment or two and allow the cloud to "speak to you".
  • Some clouds are just fun shapes.
  • Other images may resonate with a deeper message.
  • Draw around your image using the "lets draw" pen.
  • When an image has special significance and you want to share it with us, please send it along.
  • We love receiving all of the different interpretations.
Remember, there is never a correct or incorrect interpretation.

Now have fun and exercise your psychic muscles.



Drawings will be placed on the website so you can draw and print. To use the interactive function you must have Flash Player*.

How to outline the cloud image you see:

  • Open the interactive session by clicking the "Let's Draw" button at the bottom of the page. Draw what you see and print.

*This site has legacy Flash components. To make this active you must now use the Ruffle Browser Extension on Chrome or FireFox:
Ruffle Chrome Plug-In Firefox Plug-in