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Check out Ann's article:
"Connect the Dots... To Discover What Your Personal Oracles are Telling YOU"

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Check out Ann's article:
"Your Personal Oracles are Hiding in Plain sight"

Check out Ann's article:
"Your Personal Oracles are Hiding in Plain Sight"

Check out Ann's article:
"What Speaks to You?"
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Personal Oracles 

Webster defines an oracle as "a divine announcement that is wise, prophetic, and mysterious."

Ann Bolinger-McQuade brings an awareness of personal oracles into the light of the 21st century and teaches us to tune in and recognize positive life affirming information and guidance that is available to each of us.

In 500 BC Confucius said, "My way is crossed by a thread that connects everything"

Today we recognize the thread that connects everything when it is illuminated by Everyday Personal Oracles.

Just what are personal oracles?

What are personal oracles?DEFINITION OF PERSONAL ORACLES
Personal Oracles are sources of guidance that flow continuously through us and link everything in the universe. These personal and timely messages resonate through every form imaginable and illuminate our interconnectedness.

Respond to a specific need
Offer personal guidance and support
Connect us with other frequencies and dimensions
Illuminate interconnections that flow continuously between everything in the universe.

Personal oracles are a process that offers guidance, support and illumination


  • A synchronistic event
  • Series of synchronistic events (Invisible-moving- sidewalks)
  • Dreams
  • Animals
  • Clouds
  • Significant words overheard in a crowd.
  • Guidance from random words or phrases in books, TV, Movies, Songs
  • And every form imaginable


  • Intuition is key*
  • Gut feeling or Vibe
  • Intuitive tug
  • Sense of being urged on
  • Personal oracles resonate through all of our senses

Personal oracle messages come in every form imaginable.

It might be as simple as a gut feeling or vibe that tells you to take a sweater along, and then needing it later when the weather turns chilly, or as profound as a life-altering message that reconnects us to a loved one from beyond the veil.

Synchronistic events that work together to point us in a meaningful direction or provide an answer to a question or dilemma are another type. Imagine each event as an important puzzle piece that slides into perfect place to reveal your message. Joseph Campbell suggests these experiences often feel as if they were orchestrated by hidden-hands.

Others are inter-dimensional communications from the world of spirit. One woman in England experiences a tactile communication from her mother’s spirit in the loving embrace of the wind. The flow of water in the shower is a conduit for an auditory communication between Ellen, and her grandmother, Fanny. Ellen often hears the voice of her grandmother gently urging her to tend her garden or read her a story.  When a cardinal appears during times of celebration or crisis it is interpreted by Ann’s family as the comforting spirit of her uncle Herb. This visual communication is clear to them because of Herb’s affinity for cardinals.

Personal oracles translate through all of our senses and will occur in a way that is easily recognizable and comfortable for you.

Timely answers to a question or dilemma that speak directly to you can come from books, movies, a casual comment from a friend or drift even out to you from the midst of a crowd.

Other ways personal oracles might speak to me

  • Through all forms of nature.
  • Through animals.
  • In dreams.
  • Through metaphors.

10 tips for recognizing personal oracles

  •  Set a conscious intention.
  • Intuition is key.
  • Tune into your intuition: a vibe or gut feeling.
  • Trust your intuition, it is the voice of your inner wisdom.
  • Open your heart and mind.
  • Be aware of any energetic pull that attracts your attention.
  • Your message will be tailored specifically to you and your needs at the moment.
  • Pray or ask to receive a sign: a divine message.
  • Journal your experiences.
  • Practice.

Some of Ann’s most profound personal oracles have come to her in the form of clouds.

This cloud image offered comfort to Ann when she needed it the most. Her beloved golden retriever was being treated for Lymphoma. As she was leaving to visit Rusty Bear at the clinic a gut feeling told her to take her camera along to photograph significant clouds that might be in the sky that day. She picked up her camera and was headed for the car when an energetic tug drew her attention to this heartwarming cloud formation in the sky.

The outline reveals the image Ann saw in the clouds. A peaceful Rusty Bear was tucked safely within an abundance of heart shaped clouds. He was literally surrounded by love. The Native American tradition reminds us that this type of comfort is available to us all.